Mr. Subrata Mukherji, Advisor to the ICICI Group and Non-Executive Director on the boards of ICICI Group Companies.

“I have found my experience with Striders to be absolutely life-changing. Their training is first class and comes with a lot of individual attention. The group at Striders comprises people of all ages, most of whom are young professionals, and this generates a nice feeling among fellow runners. As a result, I feel very motivated and rarely miss a single session, unless Iam traveling. I am 57 and had been running intermittently for sometime. But I was never consistent and often suffered from running injuries. After joining Striders, I got a lot of scientific training in a very phased manner, as a result of which I can now run a half-marathon fairly effortlessly and with virtually no pain or injury. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Striders and its excellent trainers Deepak, Praful, Nilesh and Rohan to all who are interested in running and desirous of improving their general health and fitness levels.”


Sanjeev Mantri, General Manager, ICICI

“Striders is the best thing that could have happened to me…..I am virtually among the founder students of the club…with no history of running behind me. But I am a transformed man as running by now has become a part of my existence! No one can beat the passion which Deepak & Praful bring to the race course (one of our many close to nature training locations) day after day. The locations and the training schedules are crafted to the perfection making it possible to mix running with work.Last but not the least the personal attention you get and the way fun is mixed with physical trainig is awesome!!”


Dr Rohini Kelkar MD, DPB, Professor and Head, Dept of Microbiology, Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai

“I joined striders in November 2007 hoping to run the half marathon. I have never looked back thereafter, but only look forward to the training days! My experience with our trainers, Deepak and Praful has helped me to become a disciplined human being and I feel fit enough to run till eternity. The fun we have together whilst training can only be experienced by the group. There are no barriers of age, sex, profession, size or shape, with striders, we run for fun, fitness and relaxation to achieve impossible targets, chasing and fulfilling dreams year after year.
May the striders, stride on to even greater heights”.