Sports Events

Corporate Events | Events organized by Striders

Corporate Events

We also organize and conduct sporting events for our corporate clients. This includes:

7 km Deutsche Bank (DB) Runs – Republic Runs: 7 km runs conducted annually for Deutsche Bank employees. These are also referred to as ‘DB Republic Runs’.

7 km Standard Chartered (SC) Runs: 7 km runs conducted for Standard Chartered Bank employees. This is an annual event, during which not just the employees, but the families of the employees are also introduced to outdoor fitness.

Events organized by Striders

Hiranandani-Thane Half Marathon: Hiranandani-Thane Half Marathon is organized by the Striders as part of our CSR initiative. 

Run Powai Run: Run Powai Run is an annual event organized by the Striders for the Rotary Club of Mumbai and Hiranandani hospital. The event has two categories of a 4k run/walk and a 10 run. 

Sunday Runs (Long runs): All 10 locations in Mumbai come together for a run. Runners are divided into their categories and given a mileage based on their fitness level.