Kids Training programme

Introduction | Objective of Training | Methods of Training | Contents of Training Session | Training Centres


Striders Miles Private Limited conducts kids athletics training programme in different parts of Mumbai since 2010. We at Striders aim at developing children talent in sports through this training and also aim to produce international level athletes and also work for the upliftment of Indian sports. Striders trains athletes who are representing the district at the state level competitions in athletics as well as in tennis, swimming etc.

The training imparted to the kids is designed by qualified coaches who have done NIS and other courses and themselves are National Winners or National level athletes.



Objective of Training

1) To develop the motor abilities to achieve higher demands for higher sports performance in future.

2) To give healthy youngsters to the parents as well as India.

3) To develop leadership qualities among children.

4) To make children stronger physically, socially and mentally.

5) To develop self confidence among children.

6) To improve their academic performance.

7) To improve their sports performance.

8) To save the children from bad habits.



Methods of Training

Striders uses different training methods to develop kids motor abilities i.e. Endurance, Speed, Strength, Flexibility & Agility The followings are the methods which are used to develop motor abilities:

1. Cone drills

2. Ladder drills

3. Micro hurdles drills

4. Running ABC

5. Minor games

6. Repetition method

7. Continuous method

8. Interval method

9. Relays

10. Plyometrics

11. Own body weight strength training


Contents of Training Session


1) Introductory part

(a) Assembly and roll call

(b) Warm Up

2) Main Part:

This will be the main aim of the session

3) Conclusion Part

There will be some recreational game followed by cool down, stretching, assembly, roll call, clarifying doubts about training.


The training centres alongwith contact numbers are as follows:


Center 1 :

Race Course

Trainer: Nilesh Jadhav

Contact Number: 91 9820061398


Center 2 :

Powai Heritage Park

Trainer: Nilesh Jadhav

Contact Number: 91 9820061398


Center 3 :

Ashoka Towers (Only for Members)

Trainer: Nilesh Jadhav

Contact Number: 91 9820061398


Center 4 :

Ashoka Garden (Only for Members)

Trainer: Nilesh Jadhav

Contact Number: 91 9820061398


Center 5 :

Shivaji Park

Trainer: Nilesh Jadhav

Contact Number: 91 9820061398