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Training Programs

Our training programs are designed to improve your overall health. Whether you train for marathon or for fitness, we categorize your training in three levels. While the training exercises and runs remains the same for the three programs, the intensity level varies.

Beginner’s Training

We assess your fitness levels and allocate an exercise regime that suits your capabilities. We also educate you about the ideal posture, running motion and nutritional requirements necessary in the beginner level.

Intermediate Training

You will be well versed with the basics of running at this level. Intermediate training programs are designed to increase your cardio vascular endurance and muscle strength. The exercise regime is intensified to build your tolerance levels and stamina for long distance running.

Advanced Training

Our advanced training programs are structured to fine-tune your running skills. The training programs are at its highest intensity at this level. When you reach at this level, your body is in a completely fit state. All it needs is the right direction to achieve your specific goals. Our trainers and experts will guide you to achieve your goals and work with you through an appropriate training schedule.

Fitness Training

Need for a Lifestyle Change

With the advent of corporate culture, people are leading sedentary lives, without caring for their health or fitness. The inactive lifestyles eventually take a toll on one’s health, and leads to a myriad of lifestyle-related diseases, and stress-related conditions.

The most crucial point to note is that you can easily avoid these diseases and conditions resulting from an unhealthy lifestyle. By making a small change to your lifestyle, you could change your life from being monotonous and stressful to being active and liberating.

Fitness training therefore provides you an opportunity to take charge of your life and lead a better life. Being fitter and healthier is a rejuvenating experience, eliminating stress and bringing you the joy of living.

Why Run?

  • Running is no rocket science!
  • There are no age barriers – you can start running at any age
  • You don’t require specialized equipment or gear, just a comfortable pair of running shoes
  • You can run absolutely anywhere

Running and Fitness

Running has several health benefits. It helps reduce breathing troubles like asthma by strengthening your cardiovascular system, builds up your stamina and reinforces muscle and bone joints. New studies reveal that running has greater benefits than walking. In addition, running provides much more than just physical fitness.

Beyond Running

Aside from the obvious health benefits of running, there are several other advantages of running:

  1. Boosts your self-confidence and provides a sense of achievement as it allows you to  constantly break self-created barriers
  2. Energizes and refreshes you; it’s more about how you feel than how you look
  3. Helps you discover and unleash your potential
  4. Gives you a sense of self-control and power, as whatever you want to achieve is within your power
  5. Great stress buster

Overall, running produces a refreshing lifestyle change; it helps you see the world in a new light.


Fitness Training Programs

At Striders, we offer training programs specific to each individual’s capabilities. Every individual undergoes a build-up stage and his/her fitness levels are determined. We then hold discussions to understand each person’s capabilities, and their training purposes. Based on all these factors, we determine their workouts and fitness training programs.

Our fitness training programs are aimed to bring about a lifestyle change in the individual’s life. We help each individual to gauge and understand their true potential, and strive to transform them to their optimum fitness level.

Check out our training locations to know more about our fitness training programs.

Marathon Training

Marathon training is not just limited to one event; it’s a life changing experience. Several of our individual clients, who joined our team to train for one marathon event, are now a part of Striders. Running brings about such a rejuvenating change in you that once you start running, you would find that you cannot stop.

We train enthusiasts for half marathon and full marathon. We train in groups outdoors in natural surroundings, providing you the opportunity to connect with nature and to meet and associate with like-minded people.

Training Exercises

Our trainers utilize the best practices in athletics training and employ a systematic, scientific and holistic methodology. The training methodology essentially comprises of cardio and well-rounded routine activities, such as stretching, strength training, among others.

We offer the following training programs, a combination of which would be specifically designed according to your goals and fitness level:

Aerobic Training: Aerobic training improves cardiovascular capacity, enhances cardio efficiency, conditions the muscles and builds endurance. It involves long, slow, continuous runs.

Coordination Training: Coordination training improves muscular-skeletal coordination and flexibility. It involves calisthenics and stretching exercises.

Strength Training: Strength training improves overall physical strength and capacity. It involves core strengthening and medicine ball exercises.

Anaerobic Training: Anaerobic training improves speed and power and involves speed runs of short distances on a range of terrains, including hills and synthetic surfaces.

Hill Workout: Hill workouts consist of three variations: runs on short & steep hills, long & gradual hills and long & steep hills. Hill workouts improve your strength and speed.

Interval Training: Interval training involves a short run in which running speed and intensity are varied at specific intervals. Interval training improves speed and cardiovascular fitness.

Fartlek Training: Fartlek is a Swedish term that means, “Speed Play”. Fartlek training involves a blend of continuous and interval training, and is more unstructured. Fartlek training improves your speed and anaerobic threshold.

Race Pace: Race pace involves running at the pace that you want to achieve in the race that you are training for.       

Long Runs: Long runs involve runs with progressively increasing distance every week. Long runs help you strengthen your leg muscles, increase resistance to fatigue, and maximize your ability to burn fat. 

Time Trials: Time trials, involving runs of various distances, are conducted over specified intervals during the training to assess physical capacity and to analyze progress of training. Based on the results of Time Trials, individuals are promoted to the higher-level training group.

Cross Training: Cross training includes activities such as swimming, cycling, walking, etc. and it is generally included on rest days or substituted for running on easy days. However, you should not overtrain, as it might lead to decrease in performance. 

Recovery – Stretching & Breathing Exercises: Stretching and yogic pranayama (breathing exercises) are performed to enable faster recovery from the fatigue due to workout.

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