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Why Train With Us? | How We Train? | Complimentary Trials

Why Train with Us?

  • Rejuvenating Training Sessions

We usually train in groups outdoors, in natural surroundings. With a breath of fresh air, our training sessions are always lively and refreshing. The group training sessions create a sense of community and connect like-minded individuals from different backgrounds, bound by one passion.

The group format helps individuals form realistic goals, achieve their goals faster, motivate others, become inspired and instill a sense of discipline in their training. Our training sessions thus creates a relaxed atmosphere, not only helping the individuals focus on their goals but also acting as great stress busters.

  • Systematic Training Methodology

Our training involves a holistic approach, catering to all body types, ages, and health conditions. Our coaches are highly professional and skilled, and are committed to help every runner outdo their own records. The trainers are extremely passionate about their role and it shows in their training sessions.

  • Qualified and Committed Trainers

At Striders, all trainers are united in their passion for running and fitness. In addition to being qualified trainers, Striders trainers follow an unwritten code of conduct to ensure that the training sessions are highly professional. Our coaches are not only skilled and proficient athletes, but they are also well groomed and trained for a high degree of professionalism.

  •  Not Trainers, But Friends

Striders trainers are totally committed to their roles; they motivate you to aim higher and achieve your goals. They know the names, the training schedules and goals of each runner in their city. They are not only your trainers, but also your friends.

Striders trainers are easily approachable and accommodative; you can approach your trainer at any time with any problem that you are facing in the training program. Your trainer will help you overcome your problem and ensure that you are training to your maximum potential by constantly encouraging you.  


How We Train?

We follow a systematic and scientific approach to training. Any new joinee, looking for any level of training, regardless of their prior running experience goes through build-up stage, which is conducted to determine their fitness level. We also conduct Time Trials to determine their fitness level, physical condition, stamina level, etc.

Following this, we conduct a brief discussion with the individual about their personal health, experience in running, etc.

Based on the fitness level and the Time Trial results, we categorize a new joinee into groups – White, Yellow, Red, Blue and Black, with Black being the most advance group, training for full and ultra marathons.


Just as every runner requires a specific type of running shoes, we understand that each runner requires a specific training according to their fitness level. We hold weekly meetings to decide workouts specific and appropriate to each group. These workouts are then circulated to the trainers and executed. 

As all the trainers in a city are well informed of the participants in the city, even if you miss your training at one location in Mumbai, you can attend training at a different location, and undergo the same training allocated to you. 


Complimentary Trials

We provide free training sessions for 1-2 weeks (comprising 3 to 4 sessions) as complimentary trials. You can avail these free sessions to become acquainted with the training routines, the nature of training and our training process. Based on the complimentary trials, you can continue your training with our group.